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Choosing a Mortgage Type

Below is a chart of mortgage types which includes both their advantages and disadvantages.


Loan Type



30 Year Fixed Rate

• Interest rate never changes.
• Higher interest rate than other options.

• High down payment required.
• Pay off mortgage over 30 years.

15 Year Fixed Rate

• Interest rate never changes.
• Pay off mortgage in 15 years.
• Lower interest rate than 30 year fixed

• Higher payments.

10/1 Adjustable Rate

• Interest rate fixed for 10 years.
• Lower interest rate than 15 year fixed

• After 10 years interest rate adjusts.

5/1 Adjustable Rate

• Interest rate fixed for 5 years.
• Lower interest rate than 10/1 adjustable rate.

• After 5 years interest rate adjusts.

2/1 Adjustable Rate

• Very low introductory rate.

• Interest rate only fixed for 2 years.


Choosing the best mortgage type should be based on your specific situation.  This includes your ability to pay off the loan in a given time, when you expect to sell your home, and what payment you can afford.  In order to protect yourself financially, it is highly recommended that your mortgage rate is fixed for at least as long as you plan to be responsible for the loan payments.


Before you apply, understand the process...

  1. Mortgage Introduction
  2. Understanding Your Financial Situation
  3. Choosing a Mortgage Type
  4. Shopping for a Mortgage Company
  5. Getting Your Mortgage Purchase Loan Pre-Approved
  6. Taking Advantage of Realtor Services
  7. Finalizing Your Purchase Mortgage Loan

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